Protran PR3860

High Temperature Pressure Transducer
ESI PR3860

The PR3860 high temperature pressure transmitter has been designed to meet the requirements of the majority of industrial pressure measurement applications where a hygienic flush diaphragm connection is required. Robustly constructed from stainless steel, the PR3860 pressure transmitter permits accurate pressure measurement at elevated temperatures. Output options include 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc and 0-20 mA. This transmitter is suitable for use at media temperature up to 250 ºC. Typical applications include food processing, pharmaceutical and petrochemical. The flush membrane can be easily cleaned for long term reliability and outstanding performance. The PR3860 offers a stable and accurate output signal of 4-20 mA with options for 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 mA and other output signals. Electrical connection is via a detachable DIN connector allowing easy access to zero and span adjustment. Pressure ranges available from 0-10 bar to 0-400 bar. Optional weldable boss is available to ensure flush-face installation of transmitter to tanks and pipe-work. An optional IECEx approved version of this product is available for explosion protection for flammable gases (zone 0), dusts (zone 20) and mining areas (group I M1).

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