Lutron DT-1236L

Handheld Digital Contact / Photo Laser Tachometer

The Lutron DT-1236L is a versatile handheld laser tachometer, integrating the capabilities of both a photo and a contact tachometer. It boasts a laser sighting feature for efficient non-contact measurements. This high-precision instrument impresses with an accuracy of 0.05% and a rapid sampling time, particularly effective for low contact RPM readings. It offers a fine resolution of 0.1 RPM for measurements below 1000 RPM and includes an automatic reverse display for ease of reading.

As a photo tachometer, it can measure speeds ranging from 10 to 99,999 RPM, while in its contact tachometer mode, it handles 0.5 to 19,999 RPM. The device conveniently stores the last measurement for easy recall and features a high-visibility LCD display for clear readings. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, and its long detection distance adds to its versatility. The tachometer can measure surface speeds in meters/minute and feet/minute. Compact in size (215 x 67 x 38 mm), this patented device is designed for both ease of use and accuracy.

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