Lutron DT-2268

Digital Tachometer Photo / Contact Type
Lutron DT-2268 Digital Tachometer

The Lutron DT-2268 is a versatile digital tachometer that offers both photo and contact measurement methods. This multi-functional device can measure revolutions per minute (RPM) and also speed in meters per minute and feet per minute. It boasts an extensive measuring range, capable of recording from as low as 0.5 RPM up to a remarkable 100,000 RPM. For measurements below 1000 RPM, it offers a fine resolution of 0.1 RPM. Precision is a key feature of this tachometer, offering an accuracy of 0.05%. The photo tachometer function utilises a laser light beam, allowing for measurements from a distance. A large LCD display ensures easy reading of measurements. Additionally, this tachometer automatically stores the last, maximum, and minimum values in its memory, which can easily be accessed using the Memory Call Button.

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