Lutron EMF-819

3 Axis RF Electromagnetic Field Tester

RF electromagnetic fields are generated by various sources, including wireless communication devices, cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, and other wireless technologies. Measuring RF fields in three dimensions provides a more comprehensive understanding of the exposure levels, which is crucial for assessing potential health risks and ensuring safety compliance.

EMF-819 is used for broadband devices to monitor the wide range radio frequency electromagnetic field.
For precision measurement consideration, the meter includes one probe :
EP-05H (High-frequency Probe, 50 MHz to 3 GHz)
Frequency ranges up to 3 GHz, for monitoring the wide range radio frequency EMF value or detecting the microwave leakage. 
Unit : V/m, W/m^2, mW/cm^2
The alarm setting function can warn the user if the measuring antenna is too near the strong radiation sources, the buzzer will sound to remind the user.
RS232 computer interface.
Operating Temperature :0 to 50. ℃
Powered by 006P DC 9V battery or DC 9V adapter.

This meter is specially developed for measuring or monitoring electromagnetic fields, for example: cell-phone stations, hospital equipment, radar, micro-wave ovens, radiation work, TV antenna, Radio stations, welding, equipment, baking- equipment, televisions, computer, factories, laboratory, and other environment...etc.

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