Lutron PC-6011SD

Clamp Power Analyser
Lutron PC-6011SD Clamp power analyser

The Lutron PC-6011SD clamp power analyser is perfect for the analysis of single phase or balanced 3 phase systems with voltages up to 600VAC and current up to 2000 amps.

Readings are logged from every 2 second to 7200 seconds as instantaneous values. It also captures 3 types of transient events with programmable threshold. The display is graphical dot matrix and has many graphic formats including waveform on voltage and current – phasor diagram and others.

Data can be captured on the built in SD card data logger. Simply insert the SD card into your laptop or PC to anlayse the data in a spreadsheet. No special software is needed, making this a very economical solution.

  • Measures ACV, ACA, KW, KVA, KVAR, PF
  • Measures KWH, KVAH, KVARH, PFH
  • Frequency, harmonics to 50th
  • Type K thermocouple input with 0.1 resolution to 199.9C then 1C to 1200C
  • SD card logging
  • Cables to 57mm   10amps  to 2000amps autorange
  • Record graphic displays to memory as .bmp files

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