Vaisala Polaris PR53-GC In-Line Process Refractometer

In-line Compact Process Refractometer Sensor - General Applications
Vaisala Polaris PR-53-GC In-Line Process Refractometer

Vaisala Polaris PR53GC compact process refractometer is for the chemical and other industries for concentration measurements, including the most aggressive chemicals. An optional cooling cover is available for processes where extreme temperatures and pressures are common. 

The instrument is ready to be used out-of-box, no need to convert anything on site. Choose your concentration curve from Vaisala’s library of over 500 options, and start your measurement with factory pre-installed concentration curve.

Measure concentrations of acids, alkaline solutions, alcohols, hydrocarbons, solvents, and various other solutions directly in pipeline, in production transport, and quality control in chemical, and other industries.

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