Load Cell with M3 mountings 1kg up to 2T
CSMN_MT Miniature Load Cell

The CSMN-MT sub miniature load cell is IP67 rated, and gives good resistance to dust and moisture ingress. It is only 28mm wide and available in the following variants: 1Kgf, 2Kgf, 5Kgf, 10Kgf, 20Kgf, 30Kgf, 50Kgf, 100Kgf, 200Kgf, 300Kgf, 500Kgf, 1tf and 2tf. 10Kgf variants and smaller are constructed from anodised aluminium. 20Kgf variants and above are constructed from stainless steel. Repeatability is rate at 0.1%. Recommended excitation voltage is 10V, up to 15V is permissible.

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