Straight Forward Vibration Monitoring System

24 January 2023

Vibration measurement is a tried and tested method of monitoring the condition of your plant or machinery to avoid costly breakdowns.

Think of vibration monitoring and you probably automatically think complicated and expensive. But this doesn’t have to be the case. 

ADM Instrument Engineering can provide you with a simple, easy to install combination vibration sensor, alarm, and switch from Monitran. You simply bolt the vibration monitor to a flat surface of your machine, set the appropriate alarm and trip levels, connect the relays to switch alarms or to power down the machine, and then connect to the power supply for continuous protection.  

Users need no special experience of vibration monitoring or training. 

Monitran MTVS0004-10 Vibration Alarm Switch
Monitran MTVS0004 Series Vibration Sensor Alarm Switch


There are two versions of this vibration switch available: 

The latching alarm relays require an operator reset following an over vibration incident, whereas the non-latching relays will automatically resume operation as soon as the fault has cleared.  

If you don’t have enough room to mount the sensor where the action is, for example on a bearing housing, then there is a version available for use with external vibration sensors. ADM can supply the complete solution with the external sensor.  

These all-in-one vibration sensor / alarm / switches are the perfect solution if you want to protect standalone machinery, or if you want to avoid the expense of building in vibration monitoring into a higher-level control system. 

Most maintenance engineers will be able to install and set up these vibration monitoring sensors just by following the user guide. Of course, our expert team are on hand to assist should you run into any difficulties.  

Please contact ADM for further information. 


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