Lutron HT-3006HA

Hand Held Temperature and Humidity Meter
Lutron HT-3006HA

The Lutron HT-3006HA blends the functionality of a humidity meter with a type K/J thermometer, offering rapid and precise humidity sensing. It's engineered with advanced features including temperature consistency and an advanced circuit for accurate cold junction compensation, guaranteeing dependable readings. This device boasts a large, clear LCD screen, simplifying the task of reading measurements.

A key highlight of this meter is its ability to log the highest and lowest readings for later review, a feature that's particularly useful for tracking environmental changes over time. To help save battery life, it automatically powers down when not in use. The meter also includes a handy data hold option, allowing you to lock in a specific reading on the display.

This meter is adept at measuring a broad spectrum of humidity and temperature levels. It is provided with two essential humidity calibrators: the RH33 for 33% RH calibration and the RH75 for 75% RH, ensuring its accuracy and consistency in various settings.

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