Lutron SL-4010 Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter; Class 2

The Lutron SL-4010 is an affordable sound level meter that adheres to the IEC 61672 class 2 standards for both frequency and time weighting. It features a sound level measurement range from 35 to 130 dB across three ranges and includes a data hold function. This device is designed with frequency weighting and fast time weighting. Its compact size measures 250 x 83 x 32 mm, making it convenient for various applications.


  • SOUND LEVEL METER, economical type Large LCD display, easy to read.
  • LCD display for low power consumption & clear read-out even in bright ambient light conditions.
  • Characteristics of " A " frequency weighting network are designed to meet IEC 61672 class 2.
  • Fast " time weighting characteristic mode.
  • Used durable, long-lasting components, including a strong, lightweight ABS-plastic calibration. housing case.
  • Condenser microphone for high accuracy & long-term stability. operation
  • The small and lightweight design allows one hand.
  • Hold function to freeze the display value.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Warning indicator for over and under range.
  • High quality with an economical cost


  • Frequency & time weighting meet IEC 61672 class 2.
  • Frequency: 31.5 Hz to 8,000 Hz
  • Data Hold Hold function to freeze the display value.
  • Operating Temp. 0 to 50 ( 32 to 122 ). ℃ ℃℉ ℉
  • Operating Humidity Less than 80% RH
  • Power Supply 006P DC 9V battery ( heavy duty type ) not included in the kit
  • Power Consumption Approx. DC 6 mA

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