Lutron SL-4011

Class 2 Sound Level Meter
Lutron SL-4011 Sound Level Meter

The Lutron SL-4011 is a digital sound level meter designed for measuring and monitoring sound levels in various environments. It offers a range of features and applications tailored to professionals and enthusiasts in fields such as occupational health and safety, environmental monitoring, engineering, construction, and audio equipment testing.

Working Principle:
The SL-4011 operates on the principle of sound pressure level (SPL) measurement. It utilizes a microphone to detect sound waves in the surrounding environment. The microphone converts the sound waves into electrical signals, which are then processed by the device's internal circuitry. The processed signals are displayed as sound level readings on the device's digital display.

Measurement Range: The SL-4011 typically offers a measurement range from around 30 dB to 130 dB or more, allowing it to capture a broad spectrum of sound levels.

Digital Display: It features a clear digital display that shows real-time sound level readings, making it easy to read and interpret the measurements.

Frequency Weighting: The meter supports different frequency weightings, including A-weighting (dBA) and C-weighting (dBC), enabling users to tailor the measurements to specific applications or standards.

Time Weighting: It offers options for selecting different time weightings, such as Fast (125 milliseconds response time) and Slow (1 second response time), to capture sound levels with varying dynamics.

Max Hold Function: The Max Hold function allows users to capture and display the maximum sound level measured over a certain period, useful for identifying peak sound events.

Data Logging: Some models of the SL-4011 may offer data logging capabilities, enabling users to record sound level measurements over time for further analysis or reporting.

Calibration: The meter may feature calibration options to ensure accurate and reliable measurements, typically allowing users to calibrate the device using external calibration sources.

Battery Operation: The SL-4011 is usually powered by batteries, offering portability and convenience for on-site measurements and fieldwork. Batteries not included in the Kit

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