Lutron SL-4036SD

Class 1 Sound Level Meter with SD Card Data Recorder
Lutron SL-4036SD sound level meter

he Lutron SL-4036SD is a Class 1 sound level meter designed for precise sound measurement. It features an automatic ranging capability from 30 to 130 decibels, along with two manual range settings: 30 to 80 decibels and 80 to 130 decibels. This meter also offers both A and C frequency weighting options and the choice of fast or slow time weighting to suit various sound measurement needs. A standout feature of the Lutron SL-4036SD is its built-in SD card data recorder. This user-friendly feature allows you to easily record data onto the supplied SD card, which can then be inserted into a laptop or PC for analysis. The data is compatible with spreadsheet software, eliminating the need for special software to review your measurements.

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