UniMeasure HX-EP Series

Heavy duty draw wire transducer - digital output - 50mm to 50.8m travel
UniMeasure HX Series

Incorporating an incremental encoder as the sensor, the UniMeasure HX-EP series linear position transducer provides a two-channel square wave current sinking output signal in quadrature. The standard output is a single-ended TTL compatible square. With interface electronics capable of times 2 or times 4 counting mode, a true resolutional increase of 2 or 4 may be obtained. The actual resolution of a HX-EP transducer differs from unit to unit because of tolerances associated with the wire rope diameter and the capstan upon which the wire rope winds. The nylon jacketed wire rope option will have the effect of slightly reducing the resolution. Linearity and repeatability remain independent of resolution. In applications where the output count is interpreted as a percentage of total travel, resolutional differences from unit to unit are not critical. However, in applications where the digital output is to be interfaced to a digital display to give an output in engineering units, the calibration constant supplied with the transducer may be used to calculate a suitable scale multiplier to produce the correct engineering units.

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