UniMeasure JX-P420 Series

Linear position transducer - 4-20mA output - 50mm to 2000mm travel
UniMeasure JX-P420

The UniMeasure JX-P420 series draw wire transducer is ideal for use in moderate duty applications, in wet or dry environments. The chemical resistant thermoplastic case provides IP-65 ingress protection for applications where exposure to washdown, rain, oil and other liquids may occur. An integral dust wiper insures that the wire rope stays clear of debris as it is extracted and retracted. The standard electrical connection includes a sealed bulkhead fitting and multi-conductor electrical cable. An optional connector and mating connector are also available. For convenience, optional connector locations on the transducer body are offered. The wire rope exit direction may be specified at the time of ordering or may be user adjusted at time of installation. Zero and span adjustment potentiometers are accessible. These allow for adjustment for a full 4 to 20 mA output at between 50% and 100% of maximum linear travel.

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