Lutron EMF-839

3 Axis Low Cost EMF Meter
Lutron EMF-839 EMF Meter

The Lutron EMF-839 is a budget-friendly EMF meter designed for efficient measurement across a wide frequency range, from 100 KHz to 3 GHz. It comes equipped with two probes: a low-frequency probe for frequencies between 100 KHz and 100 MHz, and a high-frequency probe suitable for 100 MHz to 3 GHz. 

* 3 Axis probe
* Radio frequency electromagnetic field tester.
* EMF-839 is used for broadband devices of monitoring the wide range radio frequency electromagnetic field value.
* For precision measurement consideration, the meter are included two probes :
EP-04L ( Low frequency Probe, 100 KHz to 100 MHz )
EP-03H ( High frequency Probe, 100 MHz to 3 GHz )
* Unit : V/m, W/m^2, mW/cm^2
* Alarm setting function can warn the user if the measuring antenna is too near the strong radiation sources, the buzzer will sound to remind the user.
* RS232 computer interface.
* Wide sampling time adjustment range from one second to 8 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.
* Powered by 006P DC 9V battery or DC 9V adapter.

APPLICATIONS : This meter is specially developed for measuring or monitoring electromagnetic field, for example: cell-phone station, hospital equipment, radar , micro-wave oven,radiation work, TV antenna , Radio station , welding, equipment , baking- equipment, television , computer ,factory, laboratory , and other environment...etc

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