Vaisala Polaris PR53-GP Inline Process Refractometer

Inline Probe Process Refractometer Sensor - General Applications
Vaisala PR53-GP In-line probe process refractometer sensor - general application

Vaisala Polaris PR53GP probe process refractometer is the concentration measurement solution of choice for sugar, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries. An optional cooling cover is available for processes where extreme temperature is common. 

Typical applications include crystallizers, wet scrubbers, reactors, transport pipelines, and blending and distillation operations.


Built for the Sugar Industry

The Vaisala Polaris PR53GP process refractometer is the best-suited measurement device for the sugar crystallization process when paired with the Zutora SeedMaster-4, as well as in various steps when processing sugar crops to crystals and other products. 

The PR53GP is built for the sugar industry inside out. On the inside, the Vaisala special image detection algorithm for sugar crystallization enables accurate mother liquor concentration measurements during crystallization strike and especially when the crystals form. On the outside, the design is built to resist high heat, both ambient and process. The full measurement range covers 0 -100 Brix, which makes the product ideal for sugar manufacturing. Vaisala’s product comes with bolted flange refractometer options for the highest operational safety. 

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