Vaisala-Polaris-PR53-W In-line Process Refractometer

In-line Process Refractometer Sensor - Special Applications
Vaisala PR53W is for special and harsh applications such as chemical, pharma and mining

The Vaisala Polaris PR53W Process Refractometer is the perfect choice for large pipelines to measure aggressive chemicals as it has extreme chemical resistance and just plain durability in the harshest environments. 

The PR53W process refractometer is mounted in a membrane‑lined valve body, with no metallic wetted parts included. This allows convenient flange mounting to 1 and 2-inch ANSI and DN50 and DN25 flanges.

Measure the most aggressive chemicals in-line in the chemical industry, and in industries, where aggressive reagents are used, such as chemical, biochemical, mining and metal refining.

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