Beam Load Cells

CSBA S-Beam Load Cell
General Purpose S-Beam Load Cell
High Accuracy S-Beam Load Cell
PT4000 S-Beam Load Cell
IP67 Rated S-Beam Load Cell
CHBS bending beam load cell
IP67 Rated Bending Beam Load Cell
pt8000 bending beam load cell
Bending Beam Load Cell with Wide Range of Capacities
rlw bending beam load cell
High Accuracy bending Beam Load Cell
CBSM slim line shear beam load cell
Slim-line Shear Beam Load Cell
CBSB shear beam load cell
Shear Beam Load Cell
sb210 shear beam load cell
Low Profile Shear Beam Load Cell
CBSS IP67 stainless steel shear beam load cell
IP67 Stainless Steel Shear Beam Load cell
CBSU Shear Beam Load Cell
Shear Beam Load Cell, Enhanced Durability & Reliability