Load Cell Displays, Transmitters and Accessories

LAUMAS WDESK-L weight Indicator for multi-product batching
Weight Indicator for multi-product batching
Laumas WINOX-R stainless steel weight Indicator batcher
Stainless steel weight indicator batcher
Laumas W100 NMI trade approved weight indicator
NMI trade approved weight indicator display
Laumas TLB4ETHEIP 4 channel weight transmitter
4-channel weight transmitter - Output: 2 x Ethernet IP, 3 x relay
din rail mounted load cell transmitter housed with a small green casing with front display
1-Channel Load Cell Transmitter - Analog output
Laumas TLBETHEIPN Load Cell Transmitter
Ethernet IP, Single Channel Load Cell Transmitter
Laumas LCB Field Mount Load Cell Transmitter
Field Mount Load Cell Transmitter
Lumas TLB4 Intelligent 4 Channel Load Cell Amplifier and Converter
4-channel NMI trade approved weight transmitter
WiFi Transceiver
Load Cell to WiFi Transmitter
Laumas CDG4EQ3A hygienic load cell summing and equalisation box 4 channel
4 Channel Hygienic Load Cell Summing and Equalisation Box
Laumas CE41N 4 Channel Load Cell Equalisation Junction Box
4 Channel Load Cell Equalisation Junction Box
Laumus JOLLYTLM8ETHEIPND 8 Channel Load Cell Transmitter Ethernet IP
8 Channel Load Cell Transmitter - Ethernet IP
Curiotec CTI-2100-I420 Process Controller & Indicator
Load Cell Indicator & Controller 4-20mA Output
Curiotec CTI-1118
Curiotec Remote Load Cell Indicators
Curiotec NCT-IOUT-420 Load Cell Transmitter
Curiotec Load Cell Transmitter, 4-20mA
Curiotec NCT
Panel Mount Load Cell Transmitters
Burster 9236-V400 Load Cell Strain Gauge Amplifier
Burster 4-Channel Strain Gauge Amplifier
IECEx Load cell barrier
Action Instruments G448-002 Load Cell Signal Conditioner
Configurable Load Cell Transmitter, Bridge Input
Mantracourt B24-SSB Bluetooth Load Cell Transmitter
Bluetooth Load Cell Transmitter with Mobile App Display
Mantracourt DSCUSB Load Signal Conditioner and Data Logger with Software
Load Cell Signal Conditioner & Data Logger with Software
Rice Lake Ranger 3
Load Cell Simulator
Rice Lake Transducer Simulator 4
Weighing Set Point or Batching Simulator
Load Cell Cable 4 Core
A-4C4.5-X010, PUR Jacket
4 core load cell cable with PVC jacket
A-4C3.6-0010, PVC Jacket
Load cell cable 6 core
A-6C5.5-X010, PVC jacket