Load Cell Displays, Transmitters and Accessories

din rail mounted load cell transmitter housed with a small green casing with front display
1-Channel Load Cell Transmitter - Analog output
Lumas TLB4 Intelligent 4 Channel Load Cell Amplifier and Converter
4-channel NMI trade approved weight transmitter
Laumas TLBETHEIPN Load Cell Transmitter
Ethernet IP, Single Channel Load Cell Transmitter
Laumas TLB4ETHEIP 4 channel weight transmitter
4-channel weight transmitter - Output: 2 x Ethernet IP, 3 x relay
Laumus JOLLYTLM8ETHEIPND 8 Channel Load Cell Transmitter Ethernet IP
8 Channel Load Cell Transmitter - Ethernet IP
IECEx Load cell barrier
Action Instruments G448-002 Load Cell Signal Conditioner
Configurable Load Cell Transmitter, Bridge Input
Burster 9236-V400 Load Cell Strain Gauge Amplifier
Burster 4-Channel Strain Gauge Amplifier
Curiotec NCT
Panel Mount Load Cell Transmitters
Laumas WINOX-R stainless steel weight Indicator batcher
Stainless steel weight indicator batcher
Laumas W100 NMI trade approved weight indicator
NMI trade approved weight indicator display
Laumas LCB Field Mount Load Cell Transmitter
Field Mount Load Cell Transmitter
LAUMAS WDESK-L weight Indicator for multi-product batching
Weight Indicator for multi-product batching
WiFi Transceiver
Load Cell to WiFi Transmitter
Laumas CDG4EQ3A hygienic load cell summing and equalisation box 4 channel
4 Channel Hygienic Load Cell Summing and Equalisation Box
Laumas CE41N 4 Channel Load Cell Equalisation Junction Box
4 Channel Load Cell Equalisation Junction Box
Curiotec CTI-2100-I420 Process Controller & Indicator
Load Cell Indicator & Controller 4-20mA Output
Curiotec CTI-1118
Curiotec Remote Load Cell Indicators
Mantracourt B24-SSB Bluetooth Load Cell Transmitter
Bluetooth Load Cell Transmitter with Mobile App Display
Mantracourt DSCUSB Load Signal Conditioner and Data Logger with Software
Load Cell Signal Conditioner & Data Logger with Software
Rice Lake Ranger 3
Load Cell Simulator
Rice Lake Transducer Simulator 4
Weighing Set Point or Batching Simulator
Load Cell Cable 4 Core
A-4C4.5-X010, PUR Jacket
4 core load cell cable with PVC jacket
A-4C3.6-0010, PVC Jacket
Load cell cable 6 core
A-6C5.5-X010, PVC jacket