ADM’s Range of Load Cell Indicators in Stock

Load Cell Indicators in Stock
14 February 2023

Many weighing applications require the information coming from the load cells to be displayed on the spot.

In order to meet our customers’ varying application requirements and budget expectations in a timely manner, ADM stocks a considered range of load cell indicators to meet most requirements demanded by Australian industry.  

In this article we give you an overview of the three most popular models, all of which fit a standard 1/8 DIN (96x48) panel cut out. 

Load Cell Indicator Panel Cut Out
1/8 DIN Panel Cut Out



The Load Cell indicators supply the required excitation voltage for most ADM Load Cells.  

CTI-1000 Basic Load Cell Indicator 


Curiotec CTI-1000A Load Cell Indicator
CTI-1000A Basic Load Cell Indicator
  • Stocked Item  
  • Features  
    • Basic Indicator only 
    • 230VAC powered 
  • The Curiotec CTI-1000A is the perfect low-cost display if you simply want to indicate a weight value and power it from a local 230VAC supply. It has a standard RS232 interface which supports basic commands like Zero and Reset as well as transmitting weight information on a PC based system. 
  • The 5 digit seven segment red bright LEDs, are clear and visible. User interface membrane keys are hidden behind a pull down protective cover.   
  • Although not part of our stock portfolio other options are available as special-order items. 

CTI-2100 24VDC Powered Load Cell Indicator / Basic Controller 

CTI-2100 Load Cell Indicator / Controller


  • Stocked Item  
  • Features 
    • 3 x Setpoint Relay Outputs 
    • 24VDC powered 
  • Should you require the load cell indicator to be powered from a safer 24VDC power source, then our the Curiotec CTI-2100 is worth consideration. It has 3 relays outputs as standard allowing it to actuate processes as setpoints are reached. 
  • The higher performance processor allows for a great display resolution from a 19bit A/D converter, and a fast sample rate of 200 times/second. The CTI-2100 has a fully automatic calibration method with the use of test weights. There is also a Simulating Calibration procedure (without test weights) which makes calibrating systems with (for example) a 10 Ton capacity, a lot easier. This is done by setting the Max capacity of the load cell. 

Load Cell Indicator Calibration Procedure

There are many optional extras available on request, such as a 4-20mA re-transmission. However for more complexed requirements we encourage you to use the following advanced load cell indictor / controller from Eurotherm. 

ADM can supply many other different load cell indicator controllers and displays if none of the above are suitable. For example:  

Eurotherm 32H8I/SG/VL/RXDX/R/XXX/G/ENG Advanced Load Cell Indicator / Controller 

Eurotherm 32h8i/SG Eurotherm 32h8i/SG Load Cell and Weight Indicator & Alarm Controller
Eurotherm 32h8i Advanced Load Cell Indicator / Controller


  • Stocked Item  
  • Features 
    • 4-20mA retransmission
    • 2 x Setpoint Relay Outputs 
    • 24V (DC or AC) Powered 
    • Dual Multicolor Display 
  • If you are looking for a load cell display and controller with a 4-20mA output, so that it can be integrated into a higher-level control system, then Eurotherm’s 32h8i load cell indicator is one you should certainly look at. 
  • This high-end solution has a dual display. In addition to the main 6 digit seven segment display, there is a second smaller display for scrolling text information or to display the setpoint. The 32H8i also includes two relay outputs with as many setpoint values. 
  • There are multiple configurations possible through Eurotherm’s, free configuration software, iTools. (iTools is chargeable for some more complexed control application requirements). 

The average lead time for special order instruments tends to be around a 3-4 weeks. 

Please contact ADM Instrument Engineering if you would like advice on selecting a suitable load cell controller / display. 


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