Eurotherm iTools

Eurotherm’s iTools software package is highly versatile and intuitive to use, making the set up and commissioning of your Eurotherm instrumentation a breeze.

New Product Release

POSITAL has added two new interface options to their range of Dynamic TILTIX range of acceleration compensated inclinometers.

New Product Release

Are you having trouble finding a reliable supplier of encoder cable? Then ADM Instrument Engineering can help.  

Programming tool for encoders

ADM Instrument Engineering is proud to be Australia’s distributor of POSITAL encoders. 

PCA Encoders

ADM recently announced that Plant Control and Automation (PCA) is being integrated into the ADM Systems group of companies.  

Eurotherm Austraia

Just one day after the last edition of the Sense & Test bulletin was published, we received some very sad news from Eurotherm.  

Accurate control of process temperature

ADM has recently helped an Australian manufacturer of cling wrap to greatly improve the accuracy of the temperature control within their manufacturing process. 

IECEX Pressure Transducers

When it comes to preventing explosions from occurring in a hazardous there are two methods used to ensure that a spark from an electrically powered device, such as a pressure transducer cannot ignite an explosive substance.  

Sugar cane harvester

Draw wire transducers are perfect for linear displacement measurement on mobile machinery equipment.  

Improving Power System Efficiency and Reducing Electricity Demand Charges

Improving energy efficiency is a critical factor in most industrial and process automation applications.  

New Product Release

ADM is excited to announce that starting March 2019, Plant Control and Automation (PCA) will be joining the ADM Systems group of companies. 

New Product Release

Midori has just released their brand-new contactless miniature angle position sensor.  

Eurotherm technical support Australia

One of the key advantages 4-20mA loops offer is their ability to operate over longer distances.

New Product Release

ADM stocks the Eurotherm EPC2000, which is ideal for applications where you need a programmable single loop temperature, or process controller.


Trying to control a PID loop with a PLC is not always easy. Naturally, most plant operators and integrators like to stick to the PLC brand that they are familiar with.

Accurate water bore hole monitoring

As most gardeners would know, the process of compost manufacturing requires large amounts of water. Especially, when done on an industrial scale.

Eurotherm application PID Control Thyristors

There are many products that need to be kept at a certain temperature, whilst being transported from one location to another. In order to maintain the correct temperature during transit, thermal shipping containers and packaging are used.

Benefits of predictive load management vs contactors

There are many applications, where it is an absolute necessity to control the load. For example, if you are controlling banks of resistive heaters, which are powered by generators.

A PLC that is Good at Handling Analogue Inputs

There are many different PLCs available and in most cases plant operators like to stick to one brand, or type in particular.

Thyristor control of gas emissions simulator

Simulating gas emissions from an exhaust stack requires replicating the temperatures that would usually be present.