Determining load cell accuracy

Determining the anticipated accuracy of a load cell takes some thought and a variety of factors need to be considered.  A Load cell’s %RO accuracy specifications are a great starting point but so are a variety other factors, such as:

Inclinometer with remote display

If you are looking for an inclinometer with a remote display, then ADM has the perfect solution.

Hydrostatic level measurement

One of the most common elements of process automation and environmental applications, such as hydrographic surveys, is the measurement of the amount of a liquid that may be present.

IECEX Pressure Transducers

IECEx is an international scheme, ensuring worldwide conformity to international standards. It provides assurance that equipment used for use in explosive environments is manufactured and operated according to the highest international standards of safety.

Eurotherm technical support Australia

Load cells come in all different shapes and sizes. Naturally, some are more suited to certain applications than others.

ADM Instrument Engineering is on hand to offer you expert advice in what type of load cell is best suited to your application.

Low cost current and voltage calibrator

The Lutron CC-421 is a great low cost voltage and current calibrator for service or installation engineers, who need to check industrial sensors and transmitters.

vibration resistant power supplies

There are many benefits to using vibration sensors, or accelerometers in condition monitoring applications.

LVDT transducers remain one of the most commonly used linear position tranducers in industrial applications, recognised as a well-established, rugged and reliable transducer technology.

Repair and service UniMeasure transducers

If you have a UniMeasure linear position transducer that has failed in operation don't just discard it. UniMeasure devices are serviceable and in most cases can be repaired in our ADM workshops.

Action Instruments G448

As well as offering Australia's most comprehensive range of quality load cells, ADM also offers a considered range of load cell amplifiers.