Eurotherm technical support Australia

If you are looking for technical support on a Eurotherm product ADM Instrument Engineering can help you.

Is a Eurotherm programmable analogue controller better than a PLC

Is a Eurotherm Programmable Analogue Controller (PAC) Better than a PLC?

Advantages of draw wire transducers

If you are looking for a reliable, robust linear position measurement device then take a look at the UniMeasure range of draw wire position transducers stocked by ADM.

Eurotherm Nanodac pastuerisation regulation compliance

The Eurotherm Nanodac is perfect for monitoring the pasteurisation process used during the production of dairy products in Australia.

Pressure transducer with high pressure range

The ESI HP1000 series pressure transducer  offers you operating pressure ranges up to 5,000 bar, whilst still maintaining an extremely high performance level.

PID controller for heating element processes

Many industrial processes require the precise control of heating elements. Where this is the case, a good quality PID controller is required.

Eurotherm 392 Circular Recorder

Paper based chart recorders have been around for many years and continue to be used in many applications today.

New Eurotherm Process Controller

ADM is proud to stock Eurotherm’s newest range of EPC3000 programmable single loop process and temperature controllers.

ESI USB Pressure Transducer

ADM is proud to offer the ESI range of USB pressure transducers in Australia.

Eurotherm Help Australia

Are you looking for help or technical advice with a Eurotherm product in Australia?

ESI USB Pressure Transducer

ESI has just released their new GD4200-USB Pressure Transducer and ADM is believed to have fulfilled the first order in the world!

Eurotherm Nanodac

Many of the transducers and sensors offered by ADM Instrument Engineering are available with industry standard electrical outputs, such as 4-20mA, 0-10VDC and 0-5VDC.

Load cellls for stage automation

Load cells can be used in a very wide range of different applications. One of the more interesting applications we have seen is a customer who needed to measure the forces that winches in a theatre were being subjected to.

Redundant Power Supply Application - Road Tunnel

We often see the MEAN WELL DR-UPS40 UPS module and MEAN WELL DR-RDN20 redundancy modules used in in road traffic applications.

Linear Position Monitoring Measuring Solutions

Over more than 30 years, ADM has established itself as a reliable supplier of precision test and measurement equipment and instrumentation for process and industrial automation applications.

Position Sensors offered in Australia

The best way to answer this question is by giving you an overview of the wide range of position sensor types and brands that ADM offers to Australian industries.

Determining load cell accuracy

Determining the anticipated accuracy of a load cell takes some thought and a variety of factors need to be considered.  A Load cell’s %RO accuracy specifications are a great starting point but so are a variety other factors, such as:

Inclinometer with remote display

If you are looking for an inclinometer with a remote display, then ADM has the perfect solution.

Hydrostatic level measurement

One of the most common elements of process automation and environmental applications, such as hydrographic surveys, is the measurement of the amount of a liquid that may be present.

IECEX Pressure Transducers

IECEx is an international scheme, ensuring worldwide conformity to international standards. It provides assurance that equipment used for use in explosive environments is manufactured and operated according to the highest international standards of safety.