Amplifiers and Summing Boxes
The output from a load cell is usually a very low voltage, typically in the region of 20mV or 30mV.

Unimeasure rotary-position-RTX

The UniMeasure RTX series rotary position sensor is perfect for moderate duty applications in both wet and dry environments.

Here in Australia there are strict regulations concerning the production and processing of food and beverages. Naturally, these exist to protect the public from food products that have become contaminated with foreign bodies or bacteria.

String pots, string encoders, yo yo pot are all different names for a draw wire linear position transducer. These devices detect & measure linear position by using a flexible wire and a spring loaded spool.

The NGxI series of inclinometers from Seika are a capacitive and liquid based device with integrated sensor electronics and a current amplifier. Electronic temperature compensation makes up for the temperature drift of the sensitivity of the primary transformer. An integrated, highly stable voltage regulator gives you stable operation for a range of supply voltages.