Load Cell Shackles & Pins, Cable Tension Sensors

Curiotec CWRL Cable Tension Sensor
Cable Tension Sensor 500kg ~10T
SBLC Shackle and Load cell Assembly
Low Capacity S-Type Load Cell with Shackles, 500kg to 5T
Curiotec TCE 10T 25T 50T series load cell
Crane hoist scale, with remote control & integral display, 10T, 25T, 50T
TCH Crane Hoist Scale
Crane Hoist Scale, with remote & integral display, 1T, 3T, 5T
CHTC Shackle and Load Cell Assembly
High Capacity Shackle Hoist Assembly 20T, 30T, 50T
SPIDER Shackle Load cells
Curiotec Shackle Load Cells, 5T to 400T
CPIN Pin Type Load Cells
Pin Type Load Cells