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linear potentiometers

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Linear Potentiometers 


Measurement Range(s)




Cabtier cable: (0.5mm2x250mm) 


10mm Die Cast Aluminium Housing
4 Mounting Options: Back, Front, Top, or Bottom
With, or without return spring.
Vibration and Shock Resistant 
LP-20F  20mm

Aluminium Housing and Stainless Steel Shaft 
With, or without return spring. 
Vibration and Shock Resistant

LP-50F  50mm

Conductive Plastic Linear Sensor 
With, or without return spring. 
Vibration and Shock Resistant 

We carry a considered range of linear potentiometers in stock and in most cases we will despatch on the same day. 

Advantages of Linear Potentiometers 

Linear Potentiometers are a highly cost-effective solution if you are looking for a low cost, general purpose linear position measurement, or monitoring solution.  

For example, they are ideal for monitoring the position of conveyor guides.  

ADM prefers Midori linear potentiometers, because of their high reliability.  

However, it should be noted that linear potentiometers are not suitable for applications where there are rapid and repetitive strokes. For this type of application, we recommend an LVDT transducer instead, which we also stock: 

LVDT Transducers 

Why Midori Linear Potentiometers 

Midori Green Pot linear potentiometers have dual conductive plastic tracks. These are far superior to carbon resistive tracks, which can be found on some other devices and work well with DC excitation voltages. 

The Green Pot linear potentiometers are extremely reliable, typically being rated at around 1 million cycles. This makes them perfect for many industrial automation applications.  

In fact, we have recently had a customer install Midori linear potentiometers on a conveyor line to monitor the position of the conveyor guides. 

Should there be dust present in the application environment, then you can opt for an IP65 model, which is resistant to dust ingress. 

Selecting a Linear Potentiometer 

If you would like assistance in selecting a suitable linear potentiometer for your application, then call ADM on 13002 36 467. A member of our expert team will discuss your application and suggest the most appropriate linear position sensors for you to consider. 

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