Australia’s Premier Load Cell Supplier

ADM Instrument Engineering is the premier supplier of load cells in Australia.  

We carry stock of many different types of load cells. So, if you need to get a piece of equipment up and running again quickly, or you are designing a new product that involves the measurement of force we can usually supply you a suitable load cell from stock.  

Different Types of Load Cells 

ADM’s range of load cells is comprehensive. To give you a clearer idea of what we have available, refer to the following table. 

Or, if you prefer you can browse our range of load cells on line by clicking on this link: Load Cells 

Load Cell Type

Measuring Ranges Available 

Product Types 

Single Point Load Cells 

300g to 200Kg 

Anodised aluminium 
Stainless steel 

Shear Beam Load Cells  100Kg to 10T 

Nickel plated steel 
Stainless steel 
IP67 ingress protection 

Bending Beam Load Cells  5Kg to 500Kg 

Low profile  
Stainless steel IP68 ingress protection 

S-Type Load Cells  10Kg to 9T 

Alloy steel 
Nickel plated steel 
Stainless steel 
Tension or compression 

Canister Load Cells (Pancake Type)  1T to 1200T 

Painted steel 
Stainless steel 
Explosion proof 
Robust design 
IP68 ingress protection rating 

Miniature Load Cells  1Kg to 20T 

Anodised aluminium 
Stainless steel 
IP67 ingress protection 
Sub-miniature load cells 

Special Purpose Load Cells  Up to 50,000Kgs 

Tank and hopper weighing 
Livestock scale systems 
Shackle and pin load cells 

Single point load cell
CBCA Off Centre Compensated Load Cell
Shear beam load cell
CBSS IP67 stainless steel shear beam load cell
Bending beam load cell
CHBS bending beam load cell


S-beam load cell
CSBA S-Beam Load Cell
Canister and pancake load cells
CLSH High Capacity Pancake Load Cell
Miniature load cells
CSMN Miniature Load Cell


Load Cell Brands 

ADM Instrument Engineering can supply many of the well-known brands of load cell that are in use today. This includes: 

  • Burster 
  • PT 
  • Tedea Huntleigh 
  • Revere Transducers 
  • Celtron 
  • Rice Lake 

However, most customers opt for Curiotec.  

Curiotec is a Korean manufacturer of quality load cells. Their products are manufactured to a very high standard, yet they are more cost-effective than most of the other better-known brands. This is why Curiotec load cells account for the majority of load cells that we stock.  

Replacement Load Cells 

If you are looking for a replacement load cell, then do not hesitate to call ADM Instrument Engineering on 1300 236 467. Even if we do not have the exact model and brand that you are looking for, we are likely to have a suitable alternative in stock, ready to ship. 

If your order is received before 1.00PM (Melbourne time) we will despatch your load cell that day. Otherwise, it may be the next day.  

Complete Load Cell Solutions 

ADM Instrument Engineering doesn’t just stock load cells. In fact, we can offer you a complete weight / force monitoring, or measurement solution.  

We offer a broad range of load cell accessories including:  

  • Load Cell Displays 

  • Load Cell Amplifiers 

  • Data Loggers 

  • Summing / Junction Boxes 

  • Hand Held and Wireless Force Gauges 

A member of our expert team will discuss your project requirements and propose the most suitable load cells to use, together with all of the other hardware you will need for a complete solution. 

We can also configure the hardware in our workshop prior to shipping, so that it is delivered to your site ready to install.  

Further Information on Load Cells 

If you would like any further information on load cells, or ADM’s complete force / weight monitoring and measurement solutions, then call us today on 1300 236 467.  

If you prefer, you can use our online enquiry form to send us an email.