Level Measurement Sensors

Georg Fischer 2284 ultrasonic gap switch
Ultrasonic gap switch
Georg Fischer 2280 Vibration Fork Switch
Vibration fork switch for liquid or bulk material
Georg Fischer 2281 conductive multipoint switch
Multipoint conductive switch, 2, 3 or 4 Levels
Georg Fischer 2260 ultrasonic-level-transmitter
Ultrasonic level transmitter, up to 15m liquids
Georg Fischer 2270 ultrasonic-level-transmitter
Ultrasonic Level Sensors, up to 6m liquids
Georg Fischer 2290 radar-level-transmitter
Radar level sensor, up 10 18m for foaming liquid & bulk material
Georg Fischer 2282 float switch
Float switches, side connection
Georg Fischer 2285 level float switch
Float switch, top connection cable
TSA-400LT-0002A5-CA5 Hydrostatic Level Sensor
TSA Hydrostatic Level Transducer; Scaled for 1.9M Water (2.2M Diesel at 0.85sg), 4-20mA , 5m Cable
TSA-400LT-0001A5-CA5 Hydrostatic Level Sensor
TSA Hydrostatic Level Transducer, Scaled for 5M Water (5.88M Diesel at 0.85sg) 4-20mA Output, 5m Cable
TSA-400LT-Series Hydrostatic Level Sensor
OEM Hydrostatic Level Transmitter
ESI PR3441K1.85FZ-00X
Hydrostatic Level & Temperature Transducer
ESI PR3441
Submersible Depth / Level Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3442 Submersible Depth Pressure Sensor
Slim 16mm Body Borehole Level Transmitter
Georg Fischer 2250 hydrostatic level sensor
All plastic hydrostatic level sensors, 4-20mA, 7m or 35m
Breathable junction box for hydrostatic transducers
Breathable Junction Box