Signal Conditioners

APCS SL332 Signal Converter Isolator
Signal Converter Isolator
APCS SL335 signal splitter and converter
Signal splitter and converter
APCS TCT286 thermocouple isolator and transmitter
Thermocouple isolator and transmitter
APCS FRT250 frequency transmitter
Frequency transmitter
APCS SL340 Universal Signal Transmitter
Universal signal transmitter
APCS DTA137 Relay Alarm for Analogue Signals
Relay alarm for various analogue signals
APCS RTDT225 RTD Isolator and Transmitter
RTD Isolator and transmitter
din rail mounted load cell transmitter housed with a small green casing with front display
1-Channel Load Cell Transmitter - Analog output
Lumas TLB4 Intelligent 4 Channel Load Cell Amplifier and Converter
4-channel NMI trade approved weight transmitter
Monitran MTN/8065
Tri-Output Vibration Interface Module
MOTRONA FU210 Signal Converter
Encoder Signal Converter: Frequency Counter to Analogue Output
Action Instruments G448-002 Load Cell Signal Conditioner
Configurable Load Cell Transmitter, Bridge Input
Action Instruments Australia
Configurable, Potentiometer Input
Action Instruments Australia
Configurable, DC Input
Action Instruments Australia_1
Configurable, Frequency Input
Eurotherm WV408 Intelligent Signal Isolator
DC Powered DC Voltage/Current Input Isolating Signal Conditioner