Welcome Vaisala Polaris In-line Process Refractometers

ADM is proud to announce the arrival of the Vaisala Polaris In-line Process Refractometers to the ADM Instrument Engineering product range!

Pressure Transducers: Protection from Water Hammering and Over Pressure Damage.

In many fluid pressure measurement applications, a pressure transducer (or transmitter or sensor) can inadvertently be exposed to overpressure. This is a pressure range greater than what their design is intended for and can often lead to damage, or worse cases, destroy the pressure transmitter.

ADM Zutora Seedmaster Supersaturation Monitoring and Control System

ADM is proud to announce a new addition to its Sense & Control product range. Complementing the Vaisala Process Refractometer range, we now offer the Zutora SeedMaster-4 which provides innovative, real-time monitoring and control of Supersaturation in the sugar crystallization process.

SludgeFinder 2.0 Improving Wastewater Treatment Plant Efficiency

Manual sampling waste-water sludge levels with a dipstick can be dirty work, lead to inconsistent results, and be potentially harmful to human operators.