Lutron VB-8201HA

Economical Hand Held Vibration Meter
Lutron VB-8201HA

The Lutron VB-8201HA is an affordable, handheld vibration meter, perfect for monitoring industrial vibrations. Since all industrial machinery exhibits some level of vibration, using this tool to track these vibrations helps in assessing the machine's health and planning preventative maintenance. It can detect issues like poor balance, loose parts, and misalignment through unusual vibration patterns.

Despite its low cost, the Lutron VB-8201HA doesn't compromise on quality. Its affordability makes it an ideal choice for fieldwork, and its low replacement cost is an added advantage in case of loss or damage.

Established in 1976, Lutron is an ISO9001 certified company with a strong commitment to research and development. The company holds various patents, showcasing its innovative capabilities.

Lutron's products stand out for being more budget-friendly compared to other well-known brands. This cost-effectiveness comes from two key aspects: firstly, Lutron's test and measurement devices are designed with only the necessary functions, avoiding unnecessary complexities. Secondly, Lutron's substantial investment in advanced automated production techniques and selection of the latest electronic components helps minimise the number of components used, thus reducing production costs. These savings are then passed on to consumers, making Lutron products an excellent value choice.

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