Lutron VT-8204

Vibration Meter with Laser Tachometer
LUTRON VT-8204 Vibration Meter

VT-8204 is a vibration meter/photo tachometer/contact tachometer (3 in 1); with a separate professional vibration sensor. It's designed for monitoring the condition of rotating machinery and bearings, providing valuable insights into their operational state. This economical and reliable tool is perfect for on-site condition monitoring tasks.

It can measure various parameters such as acceleration, velocity, and displacement. The device features both an independent laser optical and a contact tachometer

Model: VT-8204
Separate professional vibration sensor.
Vibration meter :
Acceleration: 200 m/s2, RMS, PEAK, Max. Hold, g, ft/s2.
Velocity: 200 mm/s, RMS, PEAK, Max. Hold, cm/s, inch/s.
Displacement ( p-p ) : 2 mm, Max. Hold, cm, inch.
Tachometer ( photo ) : 10 to 100,000 RPM.
Tachometer ( contact ) : 5 to 19,999. RPM
Tach. ( surface speed ) : m/min., ft/min. inch/min.
Laser photo tachometer.
1000 Data logger point.
Data hold, record ( Max., Min. )
Optional IR probe, IR-962.
RS-232/USB computer interface.
DC 1.5V ( UM-3, AA ) x 4 PCs

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