General Purpose S-Beam Load Cell
CSBA S-Beam Load Cell

The CSBA S-Beam load cell is suitable for a wide range of tension and compression measurement tasks. It is particularly well-suited for measuring the weight os a suspended load. For example, in a hanging scales application.

Its IP66 rating offers protection against dust and moisture ingress.

Available in 10Kgf, 20Kgf, 50Kgf, 100Kgf, 200Kgf, 500Kgf, 1tf, 2tf, 3tf and 5tf variants.

The 10Kgf and 20Kgf models are constructed from anodised aluminium. All other models are constructed from Nickel plated steel.

Repeatability is rated at 0.01%

Recommended excitation voltage is 10V, up to 15V is permisable.

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