Lutron RSW-914-220V

RS232 to WiFI Converter
Lutron RSW-914 RS232 to WiFi Converter

When the LUTRON meter with RS232 interface is connected to RSW-914, the meter can share data via WiFi technology. Therefore, personal devices, like desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablet... with WiFi functions can be read the measure data via WIFI.

Allow 1 meter and max. 12 channels ( the total ch. no. ) input.
* Easy operation, no setting requirements in the RSW-914 are required, just connecting
the RSW-914 to RS232 meter and power ON only.
* APP ( Android ) and APP ( IOS ) are available.
* After the smartphone or tablet installs the APP, following to select the WiFi SSID of RSW-914 then the user can monitor the measurement value, log a high/Low alarm, or send the warning message out via SMS or Email.
* WiFi work mode: Access Point(AP) mode
* I/O terminal:
1. DC 9V power input
2. DC 9V power output(power supply for the connecting RS232 meter)
3. One RS232 input(photo isolate RS232 type)
* Maximum TCP connections to 20

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