ESC3000Z Series

Midori X-Y Axis IP67 Inclinometers
Midori ESC3000Z Series Inclinometers

The Midori ESC3000Z has an ingress protection rating of IP67, making it ideal for applications, where the device could be exposed to moisture and dust. There are three electrical output options available: Ratiometric Voltage, 0.5 ~ 4.5V, or 4 ~ 20mA. This makes the ESC3000Z series very easy to integrate with existing PLCs and process controllers. Other interface options Available include RS-485, SAE J1939 and CANopen. You can also choose between X and Y axis, X axis only and Y axis only models. This inclinometer offers high accuracy and stable measurement under vibration. You can program parameters including inclination range, baud rate and data and there is an easy reset function for Index Point (0º). There is also a programmable digital damoing control, with 16 settings. This eliminates the need for an additional low pass filter, or mechanical damping.

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