DIS Accelerometer, ± 8 g, 3 Axis, CANopen, SIL 2
DIS QG65N-KAXYZ-8 0-CAN-C F M-UL acceleration sensor

Utilizing the robust MEMS technology, DIS Accelerometers have a higher bandwidth than other sensors so they can measure faster movements with very high accuracy.

DIS accelerometers are used on

  • Heavy mobile machinery
  • Mining equipment
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Vehicles

And they are suitable for:

  • Monitoring & correcting excessive vibrations
  • Detecting machine damage
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Transport monitoring

This DIS Accelerometers is also available in an even more rugged Stainless Steel body, as well as options for simpler versions without SIL certification, only 2 Axis or lower measurement ranges.

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