Compound Pressure Transmitters

Compound Pressure Transmitters are pressure sensors that can measure within a range that includes both positive pressure and negative vacuum (+/-).

Pressure Switches for Industrial Water Pump Control

This blog post discusses how pressure switches, digital pressure gauges, and pressure transmitters are used to control pumps in industrial applications.

Precision Capacitive Level Sensors

The blog post talks about the advantages of capacitive level measurement sensors, for the continuous measuring of liquid levels, as well as powders, bulk solids, and pastes.

Furnace heating control

ADM Instrument Engineering was approached by an electrical contractor, who provides services to many of Australia’s leading manufacturers and mining companies.

Shipping container stacker

One useful feature of the UniMeasure series JX-P420 draw wire transducers is the user can adjust the Zero and Span.


ADM has been proudly stocking Seika inclinometers for many years. SEIKA Inclinometers are used by several large mining companies in Australia.