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Lutron AM-4214SD for Air System Velocity Monitoring
12 February 2024

Finding a straightforward & cost-effective solution to monitor and measure your ventilation system performance or any system requiring air velocity monitoring, can be made easy by integrating the portable handheld Lutron AM-4214SD anemometer into your system monitoring tool kit.

The AM-4214SD comes standard with a slim Type K prob, making accessibility to ventilation grills or diffusers hassle-free.

The Lutron AM-4214SD makes monitoring and measurements easier with versatility and portability, with powering options for both battery and 9V DC adaptor, this device can be left to measure air velocity at a fixed location or taken with the onsite engineer to various access points.


The Lutron AM-4214SD makes accessing ventilation systems easy with the slim Type K probe. 
The Lutron AM-4214SD makes accessing ventilation systems easy with the slim Type K probe. 


This system allows users to collect data samples from 1-second intervals up to 3600-second intervals, and with an onboard SD card, data can be exported to an engineer’s Excel spreadsheet quickly and simply.

This monitoring device features both hot wire and standard thermistor, delivering quick and precise measurements at low air velocity, providing users with measurements with metres/second, feet/minute, kilometre/hour, knots/hour, miles/hour and temperature outputs both Celsius & Fahrenheit.

Lutron AM-4214SD Anemometer
Lutron AM-4214SD Anemometer


The following resolutions per measurement unit can be found below:


  • 0.2 to 5.0 metres/second: 0.01m/s
  • 5.1 to 25.0 metres/second: 0.1m/s


  • 0.70 to 18.00km/h: 0.01km/h
  • 18.0 to 72.9km/h: 0.1km/h


  • 0.50 to 11.20 mph: 0.01 mph
  • 11.20 to 44.7mph: 0.1 mph


  • 0.40 to 9.70 knots: 0.01 knots
  • 9.7 to 38.8 knots: 0.1 knots


  • 40 – 3940 ft/min: 1 ft/min


Quick, Easy & Efficient Anemometer

The Lutron AM-421SD is the perfect cost-effective solution for professional environmental monitoring and HVAC applications, designed for quick deployment in the field with simple data retrieval for industry standard programs such as Microsoft Excel. View the Lutron AM-421SD in the ADMShop here.


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