Video - Compensating for Transverse Load Effects when Measuring Torque

When measuring the torque force in any rotational direction (even in a static or non-rotating application), any other forces applied in a transverse direction, (called parasitic forces in this video), can negatively affect the accuracy of your readings.

How electronic heater controllers reduce maintenance costs

ADM Instrument Engineering has expanded our range of thyristors by adding the Power Source range of heater controllers.

Selecting the best torque transmitter

Torque sensors are designed for rotating and non-rotating applications.

Universal Hand Held Load Cell Meter

TSA’s HH4-WT-5C is ADM’s preferred handheld load cell meter because it has so many versatile set up features.

Curiotec CTI-1000A Load Cell Indicator

Many weighing applications require the information coming from the load cells to be displayed on the spot.

New Product Release

ADM Instrument Engineering now offers the Power Source range of economical and flexible power controllers.

Harting Han S Battery Connectors

Harting’s Han S series of battery connectors are the perfect solution for the modular battery storage systems found in solar and green energy applications.

Elco ELK22S Series Temperature Controllers

The Elco ELK22S series temperature controllers are a game changer. 

1/32 DIN Temperature Controller Panel Cut Out

For many years 24 x 48mm (1/32 din) format has been a standard size for single line display temperature controllers. 

Temperature and refrigeration control specialist

ADM are experts in the field of refrigeration and temperature control. 

Linear potentiometer or LVDT?

There are several types of linear position sensor available, many of which are stocked by ADM. 

Refrigeration controllers

ADM Instrument Engineering stocks two cost effective refrigeration controllers from Elco.  

Action Instruments G448

Industrial load cells incorporate an internal strain gauge sensor that when provided with an excitation voltage, will output a mV/V signal that is directly proportional to the weight being applied to the load cell.

How vibration monitoring works

Measuring vibration is a tried and tested method of monitoring the condition of critical machinery and plant, so that preventative measures can be taken to avoid costly breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance runs.  

Low cost temperature controller

ADM Instrument Engineering now stocks the Elco ELKM3-240-C-S-2R- - 4D low cost temperature display and alarm, with PID control function. 

Liquid Level Measurement

Many industrial and process control applications involve the monitoring of the level of a liquid in a vessel, or storage tank. 

Industrial Connectors

As a distributor of Harting connectors, ADM Instrument Engineering stocks a considered range of industrial connectors. On top of that we have access to the full range of Harting industrial connectors.

Industrial Modular Connectors

ADM Instrument Engineering is a distributor for Harting, and we carry a considered range of the Harting HAN series of industrial modular connectors.  

String potentiometer or draw wire encoder

When selecting a linear displacement sensor, you often find two different technologies are under consideration: