Accurate water bore hole monitoring
5 December 2018

As most gardeners would know, the process of compost manufacturing requires large amounts of water. Especially, when done on an industrial scale.

5 December 2018

Trying to control a PID loop with a PLC is not always easy. Naturally, most plant operators and integrators like to stick to the PLC brand that they are familiar with.

Eurotherm application PID Control Thyristors
19 October 2018

There are many products that need to be kept at a certain temperature, whilst being transported from one location to another. In order to maintain the correct temperature during transit, thermal shipping containers and packaging are used.

Benefits of predictive load management vs contactors
17 October 2018

There are many applications, where it is an absolute necessity to control the load. For example, if you are controlling banks of resistive heaters, which are powered by generators.

A PLC that is Good at Handling Analogue Inputs
16 October 2018

There are many different PLCs available and in most cases plant operators like to stick to one brand, or type in particular.

Thyristor control of gas emissions simulator
14 September 2018

Simulating gas emissions from an exhaust stack requires replicating the temperatures that would usually be present.

Linear Position Sensor for Conveyor Guides
11 September 2018

Midori’s Green Pot linear potentiometers are an ideal low-cost linear position monitoring solution for conveyor guides.

Testing vehicle suspension
11 September 2018

Although there is no longer any large-scale car manufacturing in Australia, there is still a surprising amount of vehicle research taking place.

Production Line Efficiency Monitoring
17 September 2018

ADM was recently asked by a customer if we could provide a solution to monitoring the productivity of a particular manufacturing process.

Schakle load cells for weighing payloads
17 September 2018

Transport companies need a quick method of weighing freight that is being loaded on to trucks and planes.