TSA-105PST Pressure Display and Switch

ADM is proud to introduce the TSA-105PST versatile, three in one pressure controller from Transducer Sensors Australia. 

Eurotherm Nanodac

The Eurotherm Nanodac is a recorder/controller that also acts as an alarm manger. 

Eurotherm 2132 2200 2400 Process Controllers Discontinued

Eurotherm is phasing out both the 2132 and 22/2400 series process controllers. 

Pressure Leak Testing


More than a billion pressure leak tests are carried out on critical components every year. But several factors can prevent a successful outcome. 

Eurotherm technical support Australia

Eurotherm’s range of intelligent power controllers, process controllers and secure data recording solutions, can easily be integrated with the most common brands of master control devices to enhance the productivity and profitability of your process. 

Eurotherm Australia

If you want to reduce energy costs, reduce scrappage, and improve your plant’s profitability then the Eurotherm EPack thyristor is a highly cost-effective method of doing so.

Industrial Connectors

ADM Instrument engineering is pleased to announce that we now stock Harting connectors.  

Process controllers for safety applications

ADM is excited to announce that both the Eurotherm EPC2000 and EPC3000 process controllers have been assessed to EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level (‘PL’) ‘c’.

New Product Release

ADM is excited to announce the launch of our new range of quality pressure transducers for original equipment manufacturers and machine builders. 

In stock

ADM has started to stock a range of Zelio solid state relays from Schneider Electric.

Accurate monitoring of remote fuel tanks

The remote monitoring of fuel tanks calls for a transducer that is highly reliable, so that engineers are not continuously sent to remote locations to replace devices that may have failed.  

Weight and force measurement

ADM Instrument Engineering specialises in providing engineering solutions to weight and force measurement challenges.

New Product Release

POSITAL’s TILTIX inclinometers are now available with Modbus RTU. 

Reducing energy use in manufacturing

One of the most significant costs for Australian manufacturers is power and many large users of power are looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy used in manufacturing processes. 

Industrial inclinometers

Inclinometers come in all shapes and sizes. At ADM Instrument Engineering we specialise in inclinometers for industrial applications. 

Monitran MTN/M1185IC Accelerometer

In industrial applications accelerometers are typically used to monitor the vibration characteristics of machinery as part of a preventative maintenance program. 

New Product Release

POSITAL has added two new interface options to their range of Dynamic TILTIX range of acceleration compensated inclinometers.

Eurotherm technical support Australia

One of the key advantages 4-20mA loops offer is their ability to operate over longer distances.

New Product Release

ADM stocks the Eurotherm EPC2000, which is ideal for applications where you need a programmable single loop temperature, or process controller.