Power Source Heater Controllers Reduce Maintenance Costs

15 October 2021

ADM Instrument Engineering has expanded our range of thyristors by adding the Power Source range of heater controllers.

These heater controllers will reward you with a quick return on investment thanks to their low cost and maintenance savings.  

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Maintenance savings are achieved by eliminating the need to replace faulty contactors.  

Being an electronic device rather than a mechanical one, the problem of arcing caused by the contactor engaging and disengaging is removed. This means that you no longer need to replace burnt out contactors, saving you time and money. 

Power Source Heater Controller
Power Source Heater Controller


Limitations of Mechanical Contactors 

Mechanical contactors have a limited lifespan in terms of the number of operations, and their switching frequency is restricted by the time required to perform the mechanical operation. Mechanical switching is slow, meaning that temperature control can suffer, leading to wider fluctuations between on and off cycles.  

This also means contactors are not ideal in applications that requires frequent switching operations to closely control temperature. This has the potential to result in unwanted scrappage. 

Advantages of Electronic Heater Controllers

Power Source heater controllers use a fast cycle, zero crossing control method that eliminates harmful harmonics and power factor issues. 

ADM is already stocking model number HC-MP-86KW-120A-415V-230AUX , which boasts the following features: 

  • 86kW per phase @ 415Vac supply (120A per phase) 
  • 2-Leg control of three phase load (self-powering) 
  • 1 or 2 x single phase load operation (with user selectable 240Vac Auxiliary supply) 
  • Heat Sink over-temperature cut-out 
  • Fuse-failure indication 
  • Control Input: 0 to 10Vdc analogue 
  • Firing: Zero Crossover Burst 

An additional advantage of using a Power Source heater controller is that radio frequency interference (RFI) into the mains supply is reduced.  

Power Source heater controllers are already being used in Australia in cost sensitive applications such as HVAC heat control systems and in ovens and furnaces with resistive heater elements. 

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