In Stock - Harting Connectors

Harting connectors in stock
13 September 2021

ADM stocks the Harting range of connectors, including the HAN series industrial modular connectors.

If you cannot see what you are looking for on this website, please contact us. Harting manufacture so many different versions of each connector that it is impossible for us to stock them all. However, we may have a very similar model in stock that could be suitable, or we can certainly order it in for you directly from Harting.  

If you are a manufacturer, please don’t hesitate to ask us for volume pricing.  

We have four warehouses located around Australia. If there is a Harting connector you use regularly, ask us about holding stock in our warehouse located closest to you.  

Our warehouses are at: 

  • Dingley Village, Victoria 
  • Hornsby, New South Wales 
  • Wangara, Western Australia 
  • Brendale, Queensland 


Our range of Harting connectors includes the following: 






Harting Connectors are used in a multitude of applications all around the world.  

They are used in the machinery that picks and processes crops. On generators that deliver power to the machines that package food. The trains that transport it all. Data centers that ensure communication.   Everything you rely on to live in today’s world is made up of the lifelines of power, signal and data. HARTING’s reliable industrial connectors ensure these things stay running no matter what. 

For further information, please contact ADM


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