Tilt Switch with 2 configurable channels
TILT SWITCH (2 Configurable Channel)
DIS Sensors QG65N-KDXYh-090-CANS-C F M-2d
Inclinometers with Modbus RTU
Single / dual axis, shock immunity up to 100g
Posital ACS-360-1-D101-VK2-PM Inclinometer
1-Axis 360 Degree DeviceNet Inclinometer
2-Axes ± 80° CANopen Inclinometer
Posital ACS-080-2-C901-HK2-PM
2-Axes ± 80° J1939 Inclinometer
Posital ACS-360-1-SC00-VK2-PM
1-Axis 360° Analogue 4-20 mA + RS232 Inclinometer
Posital ACS-360-1-C901-VK2-PM
1-Axis 360° J1939 Inclinometer
Posital ACS-080-2-SC00-HK2-PM
2-Axes ± 80° Analogue 4-20 mA + RS232 Inclinometer
Posital AKS-360-1-CA01-VK2-PW
Dynamic Inclinometer 1-Axis 360° CANopen
Posital AKS-090-2-CA01-HK2-PW
Dynamic Inclinometer 2-Axes ± 90° CANopen
X- Axis Inclinometer, 4-20mA Analogue Output
X- Axis Inclinometer, 0-5VDC Analogue Output
Midori ESC1000ZA
X-Y Axis Inclinometer, Ratiometric Output
Midori ESC3000Z
X-Y Axis IP67 Inclinometer
Midori PMP-10HTL
Contactless Hall IC Tilt Angle Sensor