Tech Talk

ESI PR3440
Submersible Depth Pressure Transmitter
Burster 8270
High Pressure Transducer
Midori CP-1HX Angle Position Sensor
Miniature Hall-IC Contactless Angle Position Sensor
Monitran MTN/1185C
4-20 mA velocity transducer for PLC interface
Eurotherm Nanodac
6 Channel Graphic Recorder
Monitran MTN/1185 IC
Intrinsically safe 4-20mA velocity transducer ATEX & IECEx Group I & II approved
Lutron VB-8201HA
Economical Cost Hand Held Vibration Meter
Eurotherm Versadac
Scaleable DIN Rail Data Recorder
Eurotherm 6000 Series
Graphic Recorder with 48 Universal Inputs
Eurotherm 6000XIO Series
Distributed I/O Graphic Recorder
Eurotherm EPC3000 Analogue Controllers
Advanced Fixed Build Process Controllers
Eurotherm EPC2000
Programmable Single Loop Temperature / Process Controller
Eurotherm 3200 Series
Fixed Build Temperature Controllers
Eurotherm 3500 Series
Dual Loop Controller / Programmer
Eurotherm 26 2704 Series
Advanced Process Controller / Programmer
Eurotherm 32h8i Alarm Indicator
Process Indicator / Alarm
Eurotherm Mini8
DIN Rail Modular Multi Loop Controller
Eurotherm EPack 1PH
Single Phase SCR / Power Controller
Eurotherm EPack 2PH
Two Phase SCR / Power Controller
Eurotherm EPack 3PH_1
Three Phase SCR / Power Controller
Eurotherm EPower
Power Controller
Action Instruments Australia
Configurable, Potentiometer Input
Action Instruments Australia
Configurable, DC Input
Action Instruments Australia_1
Configurable, Frequency Input
Zelio ssm3a325bd_1
3 Phase Solid State Relay - DIN Rail Mount
Zelio ssm1a455bd
Solid State Relay - DIN Rail Mount
Eurotherm T2750
Programmable Automation Controller
Eurotherm Eycon
Visual Process Supervisor
Eurotherm E PLC Range
Versatile Precision PLC
ESI GS4200
General Purpose Pressure Transducer
Digital Pressure Transducer
ESI GS5000
General Purpose Pressure Transducer
ESI PR3800
Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer
ESI PR3850
Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer
ESI PR3860
High Temperature Pressure Transducer
Meret TSZ
Pressure Transducer with Metal Diaphragm
Lutron PS2W-xx-Bar
2 Wire Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3200
Differential Pressure Transducer
EYC P063
Piezoresistive Differential Pressure Transmitter
EYC P064
Monocrystalline Differential Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3400
Submersible Depth Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3441
Submersible Depth / Level Pressure Transmitter
USB Interface, High Pressure Range, Fast Sampling Rate
ESI HP1000
High Pressure Transmitter
ESI LP1000
Low Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3202
Low Pressure Differential Pressure Transmitter
Vacuum Switches
PDA Pressure Switch
Field Adjustable, with Fixed Differential
PSAH Pressure Switch
Field Adjustable, Medium Pressure Set Point
VDMA Vacuum Switch
Field Adjustable
Lutron PS-9302
Hand Held Pressure Meter
Lutron PS-9303SD
Hand Held Pressure Meter with SD Card Data Logger
Lutron MPS-384SD
3 Channel Pressure Data Recorder
Lutron VC-9200
Hand Held Vacuum Meter
Lutron VC-9210SD
Hand Held Vacuum Meter with SD Card Data Logger
Lutron PM-9100HA
Hand Held Manometer
Temperature Cooling Coil for Pressure Transducers
ESI PM1000
Plug-in Display for Pressure Transducers
Weldable boss for ESI PR3850
For ESI PR3850 Pressure Transducer
Lutron PS100-XXBAR
For Lutron PS-9320 and PS-9303SD Hand Held Pressure Meters
CLMN Miniature Load Cell
Miniature Compression Load Cell
CMNS Miniature Load Cell
Sub Miniature Load Cell
CSBA-S Miniature Load Cell
Miniature S-Beam Load Cell
CSMN Miniature Load Cell
IP66 Miniature Compression Load Cell
CSMN_MT Miniature Load Cell
Sub Miniature Load Cell with Mounting Tap
Burster 8402
High Reliability Miniature Compression Load Cell
Burster 8411
Robust Tension / Compression Miniature Load Cell
Burster 8417
Robust Tension / Compression Miniature Load Cell
Burster 8431
Precision Miniature Load Cell
Burster 8523
Miniature Pancake Style Load cell
CSBA S-Beam Load Cell
General Purpose S-Beam Load Cell
High Accuracy S-Beam Load Cell
PT4000 S-Beam Load Cell
IP67 Rated S-Beam Load Cell
CHBS bending beam load cell
IP67 Rated Bending Beam Load Cell
pt8000 bending beam load cell
Bending Beam Load Cell with Wide Range of Capacities
rlw bending beam load cell
High Accuracy bending Beam Load Cell
CBSM slim line shear beam load cell
Slim-line Shear Beam Load Cell
CBSB shear beam load cell
Shear Beam Load Cell
sb210 shear beam load cell
Low Profile Shear Beam Load Cell
CBSS IP67 stainless steel shear beam load cell
IP67 Stainless Steel Shear Beam Load cell
CBSU Shear Beam Load Cell
Shear Beam Load Cell, Enhanced Durability & Reliability
CHC Canister Load Cell
Robust Canister Load Cell
CLS explosion proof canister load cell
IP67 Canister Load Cell, Explosion Proof
CLSH High Capacity Pancake Load Cell
High Capacity Load Cell
SLS stainless steel canister load cell
Stainless Steel Canister Load Cell, Explosion Proof
Compact Stainless Steel Compression Load Cell
PT7000 Button Load Cell
Compact Compression Load Cell, Low Profile
Load Cell RL5416 Ricelake
IP69K Wash Down Area Load Cell
J3 Single Point Load Cell
IP65 Single Point Load cell
Curiotec BCSS Load Cell
IP67 Single Point Load Cell
CBCA Off Centre Compensated Load Cell
Single Point Load Cell, Off Centre Compensated